11 June 2017

Can a chocolate cure my anxiety

The research says , eating a choclate when you are excited or having a panic attack, the taste and the sugar rush in your body can reduce the level of panic attack and you might have very less impact and can be reduced completly over the period Let me know your thoughts.

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05 May 2010

Conquering Exam Anxiety Without Medication

Everyone's experienced anxiety. Anxiety is the physical and emotion response humans experience when we're in a distressing situation. Some anxiety is normal in certain situations; in fact, a little of it can keep us alert and on our toes, like on a first date or when driving in a heavy rainstorm.

In 2000, Ron Glassman, a health educator and behaviorist from Mountainside, NJ, began experimenting with drug-free ways to reduce anxiety during exams and other anxiety-producing situations. Ten years later, his work is getting recognition. He has been asked to speak at the likes of the US Food & Drug Administration, New Jersey Institute of Technology, New York - Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and scores of other facilities around the nation. The technique he developed is called The Neuro Immersion Method TM.

The Neuro Immersion Method is drug-free and does not cause negative side-effects. Research over the past decade shows that 92% of people who use it for exam anxiety experience complete elimination of their symptoms. The remaining 8%, experience a significant reduction in anxiety. Over 700 teens and adults have used The Neuro Immersion Method for exam anxiety just in the last few years.

When anxiety overwhelms, it fogs thinking and takes away from the ability to focus on the tasks at hand. Approximately 25% of people become overwhelmed by anxiety in specific situations. Taking an important exam is one of them. Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety during an exam can compromise your score, or worse, lead to failure.

While the most common approach in the US to reducing exam anxiety is medication, problems can arise. Many anti-anxiety medications can cause side-effects like drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. Such side-effects are the last thing a person would want when taking an important test or exam. Rather than producing side-effects, the drug-free Neuro-Immersion Method simply produces results.

About Ron Glassman

Ron was born and raised in Passaic, NJ. A former adjunct instructor at NYU as well as several colleges in New Jersey, he's been a keynote speaker at many corporations, government agencies, universities and civic groups. In 2005, he was named Researcher of the Year, in part, for developing The Neuro Immersion Method. Ron was educated at Rutgers, Columbia and the world renowned Harvard-Mass General Hospital Mind Body Institute. Ron is available for interviews by emailing press ( @ ) controlexamanxiety dot com or by calling 201-871-7026

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